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Insights into Managing Growth for Endocrine Nurses (IMAGE)

We are delighted to announce the upcoming Springer Healthcare IME Symposium, entitled Insights into MAnaging Growth for Endocrine Nurses (IMAGE). This meeting will take place on the 21–22 March 2024 at the Westminster Hotel and Spa, Nice, France.
This is the 9th IMAGE programme, which focuses on transgender management, bone health, and the genetics and treatment of growth disorders.
This is the 8th IMAGE conference, which focuses on differences in sexual development, and puberty disorders and reproductive problems in adolescents and young adults.
This was the 7th IMAGE conference which focuses on dysmorphic and genetic short stature syndromes and transitional care.
The aims of the symposium were to provide quality education, based on practical clinical experience, on all aspects of the nurse’s role related to the management of disorders of appetite (eg Prader-Willi syndrome, simple obesity), late endocrine effects of childhood cancer treatment, family interaction related to chronic disease, clinical and diagnostic reasoning related to growth and puberty cases.
The main focus of the meeting was disorders of the thyroid gland, but transitional care of patients with growth hormone disorders and adherence to growth hormone were also discussed.
Martin Savage
Programme Director

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