Bone disorders


Vosoritide treatment appears to increase growth velocity in children with hypochondroplasia and is well tolerated, show study findings
Primary care electronic health record codes for rickets, genu varum or low levels of phosphate could help flag a potential diagnosis of X-linked hypophosphataemia, suggest study findings published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.
Vosoritide may be given to children with achondroplasia aged under 60 months after phase 2 trial findings point to a tolerable adverse event profile and an increase in height Z score compared with placebo.
Non-autosomal dominant inheritance and the presence of structural collagen defects are associated with reduced benefit of treatment with zoledronic acid in children with osteogenesis imperfecta, researchers report.

In depth

Why is the growth plate the most important organ for childhood growth: how can it be investigated for clinical diagnosis?
Rickets results from impaired mineralisation of the growth plate. Hypophosphataemia is common to all forms of rickets as hypophosphataemia impairs both hydroxyapatite formation and failure of apoptosis of the hypertrophied chondrocytes.
Programme Director Professor Martin Savage is joined by experts to present and discuss the application of precision medicine in endocrine disorders, offering clinical expertise and insight, evidence and opinion on this topic.
Martin Savage
Programme Director
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