ESPE 2019


During ESPE 2019 in Vienna, medwireNews reported on original research and symposium discussions covering a wide range of topics including the management of Turner syndrome in adolescents and young adults, the dynamics of childhood obesity, e-reporting of rare endocrine conditions, genetic disorders of growth, the importance of sleep, and novel monogenic forms of autoimmune diabetes.

ESPE 2019 news reports

Video interviews

Interview with Professor Ken Ong

Ken Ong discusses his highlights from the Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology

Interview with Dr Salma Ali

Salma Rashid Ali summarises EuRRECa (European Registries for Rare Endocrine Conditions) – a new project that combines a core endocrine registry with an e-reporting programme for rare endocrine conditions.

Interview with Professor Antje Körner

Professor Antje Körner talks about the dynamics of obesity in childhood and what research needs to be done to tackle the problem.

Interview with Professor Martine Cools

Professor Martine Cools discusses the importance of using a holistic approach in the management of children with disorders of sexual development (DSD).

Interview with Professor Tadej Battelino

Diabetes specialist Tadej Battelino gives his highlights of ESPE 2019.

Interview with Kate Davies & Rebecca Broadbent

Nurses Kate Davies and Rebecca Broadbent talk through their ESPE 2019 highlights.

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